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We take your time and schedule very seriously. We have partnered with Choco, an intuitive app to help you make your meat ordering very simple.

Introducing Choco App

Simplifying Orders Between Restaurants & Northwest Meat Company

Download Choco App

Download the Choco App

Get the app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play and use it to simplify your meat ordering and communications with us.
Choco App - Find Northwest Meat Company

Choose Northwest Meat Company

Provide your phone number and select Northwest Meat Company from the list of suppliers.

Choco App - Track Order

Start Ordering

Simply select products and place your order. You can chat with us to tell us your preferences, know your order status, or ask any questions before placing an order.

Need help? We’re here with you!

Call or Voicemail - How to order from Northwest Meat Company

Call or voicemail
(312) 733-1418

Please leave a voicemail if you reach us after hours. We will get back with you within 24 hours.

Talk to your Sales Representative

Your rep will also help you set up your Choco app and to place your orders and receive confirmations all in the app.
Speak to Sales Rep - How to order from Northwest Meat Company

You Order And


You may also choose to pick-up from our facility.